Just thought I’d make a quick post today.

They’re a couple of really cool acronyms you can use to help
you eat healthy and keep weight gain at bay.

We need to drink and eat less:

C – Carbonated drinks

R – Refined sugars and carbs

A – Artificial sweeteners, colours and Alcohol

P – Processed foods

Have you considered what you are putting in your shopping
trolley lately? Unless you have chosen a ‘clean’ diet, the produce you buy from
the supermarket today is loaded with refined sugar, colorants, additives,
preservatives and artificial flavours. The impact of all of these ‘loaded’
foods is that we, as a nation, are eating far too many calories; not enough
foods in their natural state; packing in excessive amounts of refined sugar and
carbs and causing our bodies to be overwhelmed by toxins. The body does a great
job of protecting itself from the harmful side effects of a modern diet by converting
the extra calories into fat; eliminating or absorbing toxins into cells; and
releasing more insulin to deal with sugar spikes. But this coping mechanism has
its own pitfalls – increased incidences of diabetes, the hardening of arteries,
weight gain and chronic disease. Eating
a ‘clean’ diet might seem a bit puritanical, if that’s the case there are easy
changes you can make to have a ‘diet’ that promotes health and weight loss and
reduces the stress food can place on our bodies.

Instead of eating so much C.R.A.P. we could exchange some of
these unhealthy foods, with these alternatives:

F – Fruits and veg

O – Organic lean proteins

O – Omega 3 fatty acids

D – Drink enough water

Try making a few swaps at first; it’s not always easy to
change your diet completely because old habits die hard. Our brains tell us it’s
the right thing to do, but we are somehow drawn towards the C.R.A.P. (I’ll write
about food addiction another time). But fitting in a minimum of 5 fruit and veg
a day is at least a good start and of course drinking more water.

Let me know what you find challenging about changing your
diet and I’ll make some suggestions in another blog. I look forward to your

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