Did you know the food you eat can either be healing or
toxic? A consistent eating habit can be medicinal for the body or cause unseen
harm. In Deuteronomy God encourages the Israelites to make life giving choices
– ‘I put before you the choice of life or death…Chose life?’ As we come towards
the end of the festive season and the merriments have been had and the treats
have been enjoyed, many of us will approach the New Year with a renewed promise
to eat better and be kinder to our bodies – to put it quite simply, our
subconscious evokes that question that was asked thousands of years ago, which
will you choose life or death and of course we all want to ‘chose life’!

Once Christmas is over, every day we make countless good and
bad decisions about what we eat. Depending on our mood, discipline or knowledge
our diets can range from ‘mostly junk’ to ‘fairly good’ and perhaps even
‘excellent’. Did you have a breakfast that fuelled you through the morning or
just provided enough of a sugar-spike to keep you going until lunch? And what
about lunch was it fast, greasy and calorie laden or a carefully selected
combination of whole foods, lean protein and fruit? Choices, choices! Factor in
the cost of stocking our cupboards or buying lunch, options might be limited or
way too many.

Some of the negative effects of a modern diet include more
incidences of type II diabetes; IBS and diseases of the gut are also on the
rise; not to mention intolerances to milk and increased allergies as the food
we eat becomes more processed, genetically modified and laden with ‘extras’ to
appease the 21st century pallet. By the time the food we eat makes
it from the farm to the warehouse and then the supermarket shelf before
spending a week or so in our refrigerators it’s no surprise that less than 50%
of the nutrients have died before we even put it through a cooking process to
destroy most of what’s remaining.

So what’s the answer? Buy locally produced produce; eat
plenty of organic vegetables and meats; incorporate juicing and raw foods into
your diet? Sure, that sounds like a plan! It is always worth the investment of
your time to do the research, learn what foods have a high nutritional value
and create a meal plan to incorporate all these goodies. The Food Standards
Agency UK ‘eat well plate’ pictured above gives you some indication of portions
(download their guidelines below).

If you’re like me and you’ve decided to choose life for
2015, take a moment to encourage yourself and make a few resolutions to eat
more healing foods. Encourage those around you and our readers to do the same
by sharing your stories, challenges and what you’re doing to overcome them.

Stay tuned to this blog for more on healthy eating, eating
plans and nutrition.

Happy New Year and ‘here’s’ to your health and wellbeing in


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