I read a recent article in Medical News Today which was
simply astounding? “The majority of weight loss occurs via breathing”, wow!

Despite popular belief, fat is not converted into muscle, simply
excreted through faeces or magically burnt ‘up’ during exercise. If fact, the
researchers highlighted that when we ‘burn’ fat we metabolise a particular fat
known as triglyceride, the triglyceride molecules are oxidised (broken down)
and dispelled from the body. The researchers tracked triglyceride atoms in the
body to see what happened to them, studies showed that when 10kg of triglyceride
fat was oxidised, 8.4kg was converted to carbon dioxide and 1.6kg became water.
This means that when weight is lost, the majority of it is breathed out as
carbon dioxide! The water then leaves the body through breathing, faeces and
urine. (Research published in the BMJ by University of South Wales Australia).

This really supports what is generally accepted that we not
only lose weight whilst performing exercise but also in our sleep, hurray! So
take a deep breath and ‘carry on’.