Thin might be in but looks can be deceiving! There are many fad
diets out there that purport that you can eat all your favourite foods, lose a
ton of weight and keep it off, but that doesn’t mean the end result is good
health. In some cases you may indeed lose weight but just being thin isn’t the
real deal, especially if your weight loss is achieved by not eating enough. What
we need to achieve is to lose the fat not just the bulk. There are many TOFIs (thin
outside fat inside) out there who probably believe they are healthy but they
are just as much in danger of succumbing to diseases that arise from too much
body fat as someone who is overweight. The truth is your body fat levels are
much more important than what you weigh.

Symbols of health should include your percentage of muscle
mass, the level of visceral fat (fat around your organs), subcutaneous fat (fat
under the skin) and cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Eating a healthy diet
that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables and water and fewer sugary drinks will
help you control all of these. But where do you start?

A good place to start is meeting with your GP (doctor) or a
dietician who can carry out a simple test to measure your current body fat
percentage. If this is high, your GP, dietician or trainer can help you set
some goals and work out a diet plan that will help lower the percentage.

With just a few tweaks to your lifestyle you can reduce body
fat and have a truly healthy body.

Watch this short BBC video about fat: