More energy = More Calories Burned!

A Hatton ABC boxing for fitness work out is a great way to get in shape and tone up. This is a non-contact workout where you punch a focus pad. The more you put in, the more you get out of the session. Because of the high repetition you’ll get a great cardio fat-burning workout (and relieve some stress too!).

The session comprises of a warm up and cool down AND 5 Rounds of Boxing – Pyramids, Combo, Abs, Legs and Freestyle Cardio. You’ll enjoy putting together boxing combinations that will make you feel like a pro. But don’t worry, during the warm-up you’ll be taught correct punch technique.

The benefits of boxing for fitness include:

– Fat burning
– Improved muscle tone (especially arms, buttock and thigh)
– Build cardiovascular strength and endurance
– Improved coordination
– Increased agility
– Improved functional fitness

There is very little health risks associated with boxing, mainly wrists or shoulder injury. If you have no issues in these areas, the correct technique will help to ensure that you remain injury free. Your instructor will always teach you the correct way to punch and hold a focus pad.

If you’ve never tried a boxing for fitness session why not book a COMPLIMENTARY 15 minute session or book a 30min or 60min workout (we also offer discounts for multiple prepaid sessions). Visit our home page for the Appointment Diary.

Please contact us before booking if you have any injury or illness.